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Does your office building need extra sunlight or ventilation? Have you thought about adding a skylight to your commercial building? East Texas Roof Works has you covered. We have been providing skylights and other roofing solutions to East Texas for over a century. Whatever roofing needs you have, you can rely on us! Our team will inspect your commercial roof and help you find the perfect skylight to suit your needs.

What Is a Skylight?

A skylight is a window installed into a roofline. It can include venting options, but the window itself doesn’t open. There are several different types of skylights. For instance, an open skylight consists of an unglazed hole in the roof, whereas an operable unit skylight contains a hinged sash attached to the frame.

Depending on the characteristics of the roof, you can decide between deck-mount and curb-mount skylights. Deck-mount skylights are installed directly to the deck and are suitable for roofs with a 3:12 roof pitch. On the other hand, curb-mount skylights are installed on a 2×4 curb and can be mounted on pitched or flat roofs.


The main reason why people decide to add a skylight is to let natural light into their space. The light can help improve mood and boost workplace performance in adults. It can also alleviate depression, increase Vitamin D, and boost satisfaction and positivity. Also, natural light is accompanied by solar heat, helping you cut heating costs during cold weather.

Mounting a skylight also helps the house become more energy-efficient and environmentally beneficial. Skylights reduce electricity dependence for indoor lighting while there’s daylight and greenhouse gases are somewhat mitigated. Also, by helping with ventilation in stuffy rooms, skylights allow you to limit the air conditioners’ use and reduce their electricity bills in the process.

A skylight makes a building look more aesthetically pleasing. They illuminate other rooms by admitting sunlight, allowing for enhanced interiors and vibrant colors. The lighting is balanced, the glare is lowered, and the interior seems roomier and more open. Additionally, a skylight provides a clear view of nature or the night sky throughout the day.

Another area where skylights are particularly handy is eliminating moisture and odors from the building. If the skylight has ventilation, it lets fresh air circulate throughout the building. In turn, this reduces the growth of mold and mildew.

Lastly, skylights are relatively flexible and versatile, allowing for a wide array of design options. Skylights can vary in angle, shape, size, and location, depending on how you want to take advantage of the local conditions. For example, a skylight can be mounted to capture morning sunlight, heat a room, or block the powerful afternoon sun that may make an area too warm. Some skylights incorporate coatings or shades that prevent overheating.


New skylight installation takes place in two stages, the first of which is done on the rooftop. This segment of the installation consists of cutting a hole and securing the skylight to the roof. Some roof sections need to be re-shingled, and parts of the roof and ceiling below and above the skylight need re-patching. Depending on various factors, such as weather, interior light shaft shape and depth, and roof pitch, the installation can last from half a day to three days.

The second part of the installation takes place in the interior. This portion comprises painting and drywalling. The ceiling type affects the time it takes to perform the interior works. In general, flat ceilings need more drywall work than vaulted variants.

If the ceiling is flat, the contractors use some drywall to construct a shaft from the skylight that directs daylight into the area. The light shaft is painted to match the surrounding area. The installers position plastic sheeting to contain various particles and protect the building from dust and debris.


Replacing an old skylight should be done at the same time as mounting a new roof. It is the best and most affordable time for the replacement because it ensures the homeowner doesn’t pay twice for a new roof. There are also many energy-efficient models that can increase the house’s thermal comfort by using natural ventilation.

When contractors start replacing an old skylight, they take the same approach as installing a new one. First, they’ll remove a portion of the roof to expose the skylight and pry it out. They’ll then position the new skylight into the hole left by the old one and fasten it to the roof. Finally, the professionals re-shingle the roof section and move on to the interior to complete the installation.

Installing and replacing skylights should only be undertaken by experts like East Texas Roof Works. Otherwise, the job may be improperly done, which minimizes or altogether removes the benefits of skylights.


  • The skylight is correctly installed without compromising the rest of the roof. The entire structural integrity of the building remains intact.
  • Sealing the skylight is done with great care. Our experts ensure that the skylight is leak-proof even during heavy rains.
  • East Texas Roof Works uses only materials that adhere to the latest code regulations. A skylight requires glass designed to endure impacts and needs to have double glazing to withstand natural elements.

Just like other roofing components, skylights require regular maintenance. For instance, a leaking skylight can severely harm floors and furniture. But with East Texas Roof Works around, you know the exact cost of repairing such problems. Get in touch with us today to get started!

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